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Physical Education History Essay Outline

Physical education plays an important role in the development of an individual just as a school room education does. Hence, it is important that physical education be incorporated along with a student’s curriculum. Physical education is considered a supplement to the learner’s growing value system. One of its aims is to expand options for wise use of leisure time. Taking up a regular physical activity is a health-enhancing move.

The physical education schedule must be developed in accordance with a variety of factors. The age of the individual is a very crucial consideration when chalking out such a schedule. The physical educator must be responsible enough to help the learner develop the ability to choose wisely when it comes to making decisions about physical activity be it in the present or in the future. The objectives of physical education include getting the individual to achieve his or her highest competency in movement skills.

Individual and team sports, dance, aquatics, gymnastics, and fitness activities designed to develop beginning and intermediate skills are all part of physical education curriculum. Most schools have comprehensive physical education programs. One advantage of such programs is that it instills at a very young age the need for exercise and fitness in life. Young children such as pre-schoolers and first graders can be made to participate in healthy outdoor activities with an element of fun added to the schedule. This makes the experience interesting for both the students and the teacher.

Most such teachers are qualified and trained in this field. A physical education teacher is also required to have basic knowledge of diet and nutrition so he or she can help students structure a nutritious food chart to supplement their physical training. A good training program and substantial diet can go a long way in ensuring fitness and health for many years to come.

10 Easy-To-Write Physical Education Essay Topics

Since the revolution of education, the Physical Education (P.E) requirements have changed dramatically:

  • You have theory lessons now instead of only sports
  • You get homework essays
  • You have to give a theory exam along with a practical one in order to pass

It can get overwhelming at times and you will look for an easy way out if you can. This article will discuss different essay topics that you can write and score well on while being easy to work on as well!


This essay, as a P.E student and an admirer of sport, is a very easy one to complete. You obviously have a favourite sportsman and so you must know a lot about why you like him!


Again, this is why you’re taking a P.E course. You can talk about your passion for the sport, where it came from and why you want to learn it.


This is normally written to get into the good books of your teachers. It will build up a positive image for your teacher and you will probably pass your course easily.


Again, this will get your teacher to like you better. It can be any activities that you have done as long as you can show why you liked them.


This is a tricky one to complete, especially if you are not willing to change your lifestyle. However, you can learn a lot by writing an essay of this kind and you may be surprised by how much you will change.


You are still a child and you are taking a class in P.E. You can take this opportunity to talk about how being fit has changed you to become a better (or worse) person. Your teacher will again appreciate your effort.


There are some sports which will work you up and some that will relax you in an active way. You can talk about these sports (or pick one and focus) and you may be surprised how much you didn’t know about a specific sport.


It has been proven that being active can have a positive impact on your critical thinking skills. You can choose to explore this idea and do justice to it by providing examples


This can be boring, but it is a real scorer if your teacher is a fan of history (surprisingly, most P.E teachers are!).


This is a good choice for students looking at medicine as a career. Try it out and you can find out a lot of studies done to work on this.