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Merryland Amusement Park Case Study 2009 Dodge

Merryland Amusement Park CaseStudyI. IntroducTonA. PrefaceMerryland amusement park is the most feature theme park in Kansas Cityup until it closed in the year of 2009. The park opened since 1955 by StanleyMerry. At the year 1988, Stanley Merry passed away and so the amusement parkwas passed along to his only widow daughter in law Samantha Steinberg, whohad a very low interest of continuing the business. Samantha’s second husband,Alan, took care the day-to-day operation up until 2008, when they decide to letthe management to lead the operation. The Merryland Amusement park was wellknown with its wooden roller caster “ The Screamer”, and various kids and adultsalike and a framed Wurlitzer organ with “Louie the Clown” poses in front of theorgan.As time passed, Merryland Amusement park failed to continues thebusiness due to its poor financial management, no marketing decision among it’sdemographics and not improvising with the current trend. The owner, Samanthadidn’t take the business seriously instead she just want the profit for herselfwithout putting effort any effort to the park. Instead of offering “package” deal to

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