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Padwick Bibliography Of Cricket

As well as details of statistical sources, business materials, current scholarly publications and finding aids, the list also contains a number of older publications which are considered to be of particular interest to sports historians. 

Bibliographies and resources
Yearbooks and almanacs
Individual sports
Olympic and Paralympic Games

Bibliographies and resources

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Yearbooks and almanacs

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Individual sports

American football

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Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Gibbs also contributed many entries to the Oxford Companion to Australian Sport (1994) and the Oxford Companion to Australian Cricket (1996).

With fellow historian and friend Dr Richard Cashman he co-edited Early Cricket in Sydney 1803-1856, publishing a meticulously researched and original manuscript completed that had been written in 1931, in neat handwriting, by Jas Scott. Gibbs approached former Test great Alan Davidson to secure the support of the NSW Cricket Association to publish this important work in 1991. It contained fascinating insights into cricket in the colonial era, based on Scott's careful research sifting through a mass of newspaper clippings. The manuscript had earlier languished in the Association Library for 60 years.

Gibbs contributed to the Australian Cricket Journal from 1985 to 1990. He also wrote on cricket memorabilia for Wisden Cricketers' Almanack Australia. His work The Don: a Bibliography & Referential Journey (2001), is an invaluable publication.

He sent his revised 2014 version of The Gibbs Guide to Items Not in Padwick to book collector Roger Page in Melbourne, a week before he died.

The English librarian Eric W. Padwick had compiled A Bibliography of Cricket in 1977 with a further volume in 1991, attempting to list cricket books published throughout the world. Gibbs supplemented it in 2004 with The Gibbs Guide to Items Not in Padwick, which had over two thousand books, brochures and other items not described in the two Padwick bibliographies. This was followed by his Post Padwick: The Gibbs Extension of Padwick's Bibliography: 1990-2006, recently extended to 2013. This was a unique compilation and invaluable to cricket historians.

Stephen Walter Gibbs was born on November 6, 1950, the third child of Walter Gibbs and his wife, and Rose (nee O'Brien). He was educated at the De La Salle College, Revesby Heights then went to the University of NSW and graduated in 1972 with a B.Comm. He took a Nursing Aide Certificate in 1977, a Diploma of Librarianship in 1980, and a Masters of Management at the University of Technology in 1993.

Only recently Gibbs completed his monumental manuscript The Gibbs Index to Cricket, which, in over 2000 pages, provides references to tens of thousands of matters related to the playing, history and recording of the game over the years.

He was an Honorary Library Consultant with NSW Cricket Association from 1996 to 2006, where he was responsible for expanding the collection of its library.

Gibbs worked as a nurse from 1975 to 1978 and then was a librarian at the Willoughby, Ku-ring-gai, Blue Mountains, Penrith and Hurstville libraries from 1979 to 1995.

In the final stage of his career he worked as a management analyst in the local government and tertiary education sectors, retiring in 2011 as the Executive Officer in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle.

Fittingly, Gibbs left his cricketing gear, including his favourite bat, which he boasted "still had several centuries in it" to his great-nephew, Alec, a keen cricketer.

Stephen Gibbs, who died of pancreatic cancer, is survived by his former wife Sharron, son James, stepdaughter Gabriella, nephew Matthew, goddaughter Ashley, siblings Peter, Ruth, Laurence and Rosemary and a large pavilion of family and friends.

Kersi Meher-Homji