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Hans Larondelle Bibliography

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Scope and Content

Hans K. LaRondelle, was a leading Seventh-day Adventist theologian and scholar during the 2nd half of the 20th century. He was born in the Netherlands in 1929. Although a Roman Catholic, he received a Protestant education from the age of eight, and later began an earnest search for God and an understanding of the Bible. At the age of 20, he read himself into the Adventist Church through conviction and the studying of Ellen G. White’s book, The Great Controversy. During this time, he was a law student at Leyden State University in Holland.

From then on, LaRondelle began to prepare himself for the ministry. He dropped his law studies and began a theological course at Utrecht State University in Holland and later continued his course work at the Reformed Free University in Amsterdam. It was here that he received a doctor of theology degree in systematic theology in 1971. LaRondelle served as a pastor, evangelist, youth leader, and teacher for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Netherlands from 1953-1966.

LaRondelle began his teaching career at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in 1967, retiring 25 years later in 1991 with the title of professor of theology, emeritus. Hundreds of Adventist pastors who completed their studies in the 60s, 70s and 80s sat under his teaching. Colleagues, friends, and students of LaRondelle remember him as “a true soldier of the cross,” “one of the best systematic theologians in our church,” “a wonderful friend and colleague,” and someone who “could communicate his work to the everyday church member….”

An avid writer, he authored dozens of articles in church-related publications as well as ten books and chapters in many others. In February 2010, he was honored with the publication of a Festschrift, a book of essays noting his scholarship, titled, Christ, salvation, and the eschaton : essays in honor of Hans K. LaRondelle, edited by Daniel Heinz, Jirí Moskala, and Peter van Bemmelen.

Hans K. LaRondelle went to rest on March 7, 2011, in Sarasota, Fla., after fighting a two-month battle with anaplastic thyroid cancer. He was 81 years old.

The LaRondelle Papers contain a sampling of his correspondence through the years. It is doubtful this represents the full body of his correspondence. Presumably the rest has been lost. There is a large assemblage of his writings. Two binders [box 1 folder 32 a & b] purported to be the sum of his writings. Establishment of this fact was outside the scope of this work. There are many other copies of his writings beyond these binders in the collection. There is a partial bibliography in the Festschrift published in his honor. There are some files from his Seminary teaching years, but nothing from his pre-Andrews University time. The largest portion of the collection contains his topical files. These are divided by topics much the way he had them in his own filing system with many subfolders within the larger general topics. There is also a large collection of sound recordings of presentations by LaRondelle through the years on a wide variety of topics.

One interesting addition to the papers was LaRondelle’s theological library. Reportedly, hallways and walls in his home were lined with book cases to contain all of his books. His brother-in-law, Peter van Bemmelen, also a systematic theologian at Andrews University, told the Center that when LaRondelle retired in 1991 and prepared to move to Florida that he gave away about half of his book collection to colleagues and students. Even at that his library when given to Andrews University totaled over 3,000 books.

The Center for Adventist Research worked through the library preparing a bibliography of what was in it. At the same time we made a subjective evaluation of the extent of marking done by LaRondelle in each book. This was on a scale of 0 to 4 with 0 being no marks and 4 being very extensive marks. Ultimately the Center retained in our book collection all books in category 4 and 5. The thought being that those studying LaRondelle’s life would find his comments insightful to his thinking on particular topics.

A complete bibliography is included at the end of the collection. The retained books, around 600 titles, may be located by doing a Library catalog title search for “LaRondelle Library Collection.” The bulk of the LaRondelle library was sent to the Adventist University of Africa, in Kenya, to build up their theology cobx 62llection. A few titles were kept by the Andrews University Seminary Library Collection and a few were kept by Peter van Bemmelen, LaRondelle’s brother-in-law.


During the processing quite a bit of rearrangement was necessary. Where possible the original sequence of topics was kept, but there was a limit on what could be done and still have an easily useable collection. The contents of the folders were generally not impacted. The overall arrangement can best be seen by reviewing the table of contents on the next pages. For greater details review the rest of this register or finding aid.

For a large collection it was fairly easily organized as the contents flowed into logical series. The contents were well maintained in their folders so only a little reordering was needed at that level.


Barbara LaRondelle, the wife of Hans K. LaRondelle, donated this collection to the Andrews University Center for Adventist Research on June 9, 2011.


All users of this collection are required to completer the “Application to Use Unpublished Records,” and to observe the regulation specified in the “Patron Agreement” and “Researcher’s Code of Conduct.” All records in this collection are open and available for research. Citation for this collection:

Box___,Folder___, Hans K. LaRondelle (collection 304), Center for Adventist
Research, James White Library, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI.

Table of Contents
  1. I. Personal Materials
    1. Hans k. LaRondelle
  2. II. Correspondence
    1. Letters of Hans K. LaRondelle to others
    2. Letters by others to Hans K. LaRondelle
    3. Letters by others to other people
    4. Postcards of Hans K. LaRondelle
  3. III. Writings
    1. By Hans K. LaRondelle
      1. Bibliography of Publications
      2. Articles
      3. Articles in magazines
      4. Book Advertisements
      6. Book Reviews
      7. Collection of Hans K. LaRondelle’s Writings
      8. Manuscripts
      9. Papers
      10. Sabbath School Lessons and Sermons
    2. By Others (Collected by LaRondelle)
      1. Articles
      2. Articles from magazines
      3. Book Advertisements
      5. Book Review
      6. Book Portions
      7. Manuscript
      8. Papers
      9. Flyers and Church Bulletins
      10. Interview Transcripts
      11. Sermons by Others
      12. Wise Sayings
  4. IV. Teaching Materials
    1. Syllabi
    2. Lecture Notes
      1. Transparencies
      2. Tests
      3. Faculty Service
  5. V. Topical Files
    1. Adventism
    2. Apocalyptic
    3. Other topics
      1. Astronomy
      2. Atonement
      3. Archeology
      4. Babylon
      5. Bible Truth
      6. Christian Education
      7. Criminology
    4. Ecclesiology
    5. Evangelism
    6. Eschatology
    7. Hermeneutics
    8. Homiletics
    9. Jewish Related Literature
    10. Papacy
    11. Parables
    12. Politics
    13. Psalms
    14. Religious / Theological Studies
  6. VI. Audio-Visual
    1. By Hans K. LaRondelle
      1. Audio Tapes
      2. Cassette tapes
      3. CDs and Floppy Disks
      4. VHS
  7. VII. Others
    1. Plaques
    2. Bibliography of Hans K. LaRondelle’s Library at donation time
  8. Items Removed

I. Personal Materials

Personal Information

Hans K. LaRondelle

Bx 1 Fld 1a 2 spiral bound notebooks with handwritten notes in Dutch.

Bx 1 Fld 1 Academic grade report, Vita sheet, Speaking, Retirement, and Memorial.


I. Correspondence

Letters of Hans K. LaRondelle to Others

Bx 1 Fld 2 (58 letters: 1970-2004)

Postcards sent to Hans K. LaRondelle; also contains blank postcards

Bx 1 Fld 3 (33 postcards)

Letters by Others to Hans K. LaRondelle

Bx 1 Fld 4 (75 letters: 1953-1987)

Bx 1 Fld 5 (78 letters: 1988-1998)

Bx 1 Fld 6 (71 letters: 1999-2010)

Letters by Others to Other People

Bx 1 Fld 7 (20 letters: 1974-2001)

III. Writings

By Hans K. LaRondelle

Bibliography of Publications

Bx 1 Fld 8


Bx 1 Fld 9

Articles in Magazines

Bx 1 Fld 10 Advent (1977-2009) (14 items)

Bx 1 Fld 11 Advent Echo (2009) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 12 Adventist Review (1982-1989) (6 items)

Bx 1 Fld 13 Adventisten Heute (2010) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 14 Being Ready (No Date) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 15 Endtime Issues (2001, 2002) (2 Items)

Bx 1 Fld 16 Liberty (1992) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 17 Ministenio [German] (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 18-21 Ministry (1981-2010) (44 items)

Bx 1 Fld 22 Shabbat Shalom (2005) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 23 Signs of Time (1981-1997) (5 items)

Bx 1 Fld 24 Small Font Series [German] (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 25 Review and Herald (1977) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 26 Tendenzen [German] (2 items)

Bx 1 Fld 27 The Sentinel (1983) (1 item)

Bx 1 Fld 28 These Times (1977) (1 item)

Book Advertisements for LaRondelle’s Books

Bx 1 Fld 29


Bx 1 Fld 30 42 bookmarks, advertising Light for the Last Days by Hans K. LaRondelle

Book Reviews

Bx 1 Fld 31 (Reviews done by Hans K. LaRondelle) (20 items)

Collection of Hans K. LaRondelle’s Writings

Bx 1 Fld 32 a-b

(Two binders that contains a partial collection of LaRondelle’s scholarly writing. We are uncertain of its completeness, but likely it is not complete.)


Bx 1 Fld 33 Seven Trumpets of Revelation (1991)

Bx 1 Fld 34 How to Understand the End Time Prophecies of the Bible (1996 part one)

Bx 2 Fld 1 How to Understand the End Time Prophecies of the Bible (1997part two)

Bx 2 Fld 2 Light for the Last Days (1999)

Bx 2 Fld 3 Assurance of Salvation (1999)

Bx 2 Fld 4 Our Creator Redeemer (2004)

Bx 2 Fld 5 A collection of devotional series for Adventist Review (no date)

Bx 2 Fld 6 Christ Our Salvation (Spanish; no date)

Bx 2 Fld 7 Christ Our Salvation (Spanish; no date)

Bx 2 Fld 8 Chariotsof Salvation: The Biblical Drama of Armageddon (no date)

Bx 2 Fld 9 Our Faithful Creator (no date)


Bx 2 Fld 10 The Challenge of God’s Final Appeal of Mercy

Bx 2 Fld 11 How Luther Discovered the Gospel

Bx 2 Fld 12 Modern Trends in Seventh-day Adventism

Bx 2 Fld 13 Theology and Christian Philosophy

Bx 2 Fld 14 God’s Church in the End-Time

Bx 2 Fld 15 Protestant Theological Heritage in Seventh-day Adventism

Bx 2 Fld 16 Armageddon in the Bible and in Adventist History

Bx 2 Fld 17 Armageddon in the Bible

Sabbath School Lessons and Sermons

Bx 2 Fld 18 Sabbath school Lessons (2000-2005)

Bx 2 Fld 19-23 Sermons

By Others (collected by LaRondelle)


Bx 2 Fld 24 (Various collections)

Bx 2 Fld 25 (Various collections)

Bx 2 Fld 26 (Newspaper articles)

Bx 2 Fld 27 The Righteousness of God

Articles from Magazines

Bx 3 Fld 1-2 Adventist Today (1993 -2005) (24 items)

Bx 3 Fld 3-4 Christianity Today (2000-2010) (7 items)

Bx 3 Fld 5 Liberty (2005-2009) (4 items)

Bx 3 Fld 6 Ministry (1991-2006) (13 item) (4 items)

Bx 3 Fld 7 Proclamation Magazine (2001-2005) (5 items)

Bx 3 Fld 8-15 Spectrum (1979 – 2006) (24 items)

Bx 3 Fld 16 Sunday (1973-1977) (7 items)

Bx 3 Fld 17 The Ministry (1954, 1968) (3 items)

Bx 3 Fld 18 Zion’s Fire (1996) (1 item)

Book Advertisements for books by other authors

Bx 3 Fld 19


Bx 3 Fld 20


Book Reviews

Bx 3 Fld 21

Book portions

Bx 3 Fld 22 Peter Derosa, Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy (1988)

Bx 3 Fld 23 Bernstein, A., Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ (1909)

Bx 3 Fld 24 Ellen G. White writings (excerpts)


Bx 3 Fld 25 Written by Gerhard F. Hasel (no title page)


Bx 3 Fld 26 Anderson, Lewis O., A Study of the Relation of Prophetic Eschatoloy and Apocalyptic Eschatology in the Old Testament (1981)

Bx 3 Fld 27 Andrews University, Toward a Master Plan for Seventh-day Adventist Higher Education

Bx 4 Fld 1 Arasola, Kai, The End of Historicism: Millerite Hermeneutic of Time Prophecies in the Old Testament (copyright 1990)

Bx 4 Fld 2 Baldwin, John T., Toward a Pre-Lapsarian and Post-Lapsarian Biblical Philosophy of Nature (2007)

Bx 4 Fld 3 Bennett, Douglas, An Investigation of the Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2

Bx 4 Fld 4 Bollman, C. P., The Ten Kingdoms

Bx 4 Fld 5 Bohr, Steve, Righteousness by Faith, the Sabbath and Legalism in Galatians 4 (1974)

Bx 4 Fld 6 Bohr, Steve, The Double Typology of the Destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B. C. and 70 A. D. (1973)

Bx 4 Fld 7 Brinsmead B. H., The Early Patrine Speeches and New Testament Apocalyptic (1976)

Bx 4 Fld 8 Currie, Alexander Shand, An Investigation of the Teachings of Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin on the Lord’s Supper Compared to Ellen White’s Concepts (1975)

Bx 4 Fld 9 Damsteegt, Gerard P., Relationship of the Ellen G. White Writings to the Bible on the Sanctuary Issue (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 10 Doukhan, Jacques, The Biblical Position on Faith and Works (1976)

Bx 4 Fld 11 Ford, Desmond, The Sealing of the Saints: Before or After the Loud Cry?

Bx 4 Fld 12 Froom, Leroy E., From Whisper to Loud Cry (1965)

Bx 4 Fld 13 Hamilton, Greg, Historical and Prophetic Parallels Illustrated with Eschatological Chart Studies (1982)

Bx 4 Fld 14 Hammil, Richard, Reflections on the Adventist Typological Interpretation of the Mosaic Tabernacle and its Cultus (1990)

Bx 4 Fld 15 Higgins Jr., Edward W., The Day-Year Principle in Prophetic Interpretation (1976)

Bx 4 Fld 16 Jarnes, David Conrad, An Exegesis of 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 (1986)

Bx 4 Fld 17 Koranteng-Pipim, Samuel, “Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers”: A Descriptive Analysis and Evaluation of Alden Thompson’s Casebook-Codebook Approach to the Bible (1991)

Bx 4 Fld 18 Kubo S., The Book of Revelation: Its Relationship to Biblical and Extra-Biblical Apocalypses

Bx 4 Fld 19 Lichtenwalter, Larry L., Substitutionary Atonement and Moral Obedience (1988)

Bx 4 Fld 20 MacCarty, Skip, A Vindication of God’s Word Concerning the 70Year Prophecy and the Destruction of Jerusalem (1970)

Bx 4 Fld 21 MacGowan, Trevor D., Son of Man on Daniel, 1 Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 22 Mahabee, Milton L., Historical and Critical Study of the Antichrist(1980)

Bx 4 Fld 23 Maitland, Fitzroy S., Alonzo T. Jones’ Concept of Justification and Sanctification (1979)

Bx 4 Fld 24 Maitland, Fitzroy S., Identification and Significance of the Two Beasts of Revelation 13 (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 25 McGarrell, Roy I., The Dragon Theme of Revelation 12 (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 26 Moon, Robert, The Ultimate Choice, the Ultimate Quests and the Good News (draft copyright 2005)

Bx 4 Fld 27 Neall, Ralph E., A Comparison of the Hermeneutical Principles of L. H. Were, Uriah Smith, and Mrs. E. G. White in Interpreting the 6th and 7th Plagues (1971)

Bx 4 Fld 28 Pfandl, Gerhard, The Remnant and the Spirit of Prophecy (1985)

Bx 4 Fld 29 Poehler, Rolf J., Sinless Saints or Sinless Sinners? An Analysis and Critical Comparison of Christian Perfection as Taught by John Wesley and Ellen G. White (1978)

Bx 4 Fld 30 Reiber, John, Three Current Views on Righteousness by Faith in the S. D. A. Church (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 31 Reynolds, Edwin E., The Significance of the Nature of Christ in theTeaching of Righteousness by Faith in the Theology of Alonzo T. Jones (1988)

Bx 4 Fld 32 Siqueira, Reinaldo W., The Delay of the Parousia in Modern Interpretation (1989)

Bx 4 Fld 33 Tobiassen, Leif Kr., An Investigation into the Evolution of Martin Luther’s Views Concerning Antichrist (1948)

Bx 4 Fld 34 Valentine, James, A Study of A. T. Jones Teaching on the Righteousness of Christ (1974)

Bx 4 Fld 35 Valentine, James, A Study of A. T. Jones’ Adventist Hermeneutics for the Eschatological Chronology in the Writings of Ellen G. White (1988)

Bx 4 Fld 36 Weber, Martin, Let Freedom Reign: A Biblical Investigation of Judgment (1983)

Bx 4 Fld 37 Widmer, Rubin R., Jesus, the Light of the World: A Study of Contemporary Views (Ellen G. White Appendix) (1962)

Bx 4 Fld 38 Wilcox, M. C, Principles of Prophetic Interpretation;Daniel 11

Bx 4 Fld 39 Wilcox, M. C, The Beast Power of Revelation (1919)

Bx 4 Fld 40 William B. Willruth, An Exegesis of Revelation 13 (1980)

Bx 4 Fld 41 William H. Shea, The Apotelesmatic Principle: Philosophy, Practice, and Purpose

Bx 4 Fld 42 William Liversidge, The Hermeneutical Basis of the Seventh- Day Adventist Interpretation of Babylon (1971)

Bx 4 Fld 43 William W. Prescott, “The Daily-Matthew 24

Bx 4 Fld 44 Zackrison, Edwin, A Christocentric Approach to an Interpretation ofLuke 21:24 (1978)

Bx 4 Fld 45 Poetry (various collections)

Flyers and Church Bulletins

Bx 4 Fld 46

Interview transcript

Bx 4 Fld 47 Frank Farely and Dr. Friedlich Furmli on Dr. Desmond Ford’s Glacier View Manuscript

Sermons by Others

Bx 4 Fld 48 (17 sermons)

Wise sayings

Bx 4 Fld 49

IV. Teaching Materials


Bx 5 Fld 1 (a-b) RELB 410 Biblical Theology

Bx 5 Fld 2 (a-b) Doctrine of Righteousness by Faith

Bx 5 Fld 3 (a-g) The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation

Bx 5 Fld 4 (a-d) GSEM 544 Biblical Eschatology

Bx 5 Fld 5 Doctrine of the Sabbath

Bx 5 Fld 6 Seminar in Systhematic Theology: Hermeneutics

Bx 5 Fld 7 Protestant Theological Heritage

Bx 5 Fld 8 Modern Christian Theology

Bx 5 Fld 9 Principles of Prophetic Interpretation

Bx 5 Fld 10 The Book of Daniel

Bx 6 Fld 1 THST 618 Seminar in Systematic Theology: Armageddon in Types and Prophecies

Bx 6 Fld 2 THST 501 Theology I

Bx 6 Fld 3 THST 502 Theology II

Bx 6 Fld 4 THST 506 Theology III

Bx 6 Fld 5 THST Seminar in Apocalyptic Interpretation

Bx 6 Fld 6 Studies in Revelation

Bx 6 Fld 7 CM 549 Contemporary Denominations and Religious Groups

Lecture Notes

Bx 6 Fld 8 Eschatology

Bx 6 Fld 9 Contemporary Theology

Bx 6 Fld 10 The Synoptic Apocalyps in Three Phases

Bx 6 Fld 11 Protestant Theological Heritage

Bx 6 Fld 12 (a-c) Doctrine of Salvation

Bx 6 Fld 13 (a-b) Righteousness by Faith

Bx 6 Fld 14 Atonement

Bx 6 Fld 15 Modern Christian Theology

Bx 6 Fld 16 Directed Readings in Historical Theology

Bx 6 Fld 17-21 (unspecified)

Bx 7 Fld 1-2 (unspecified)

Bx 7 Fld 3-7 German lectures

Bx 7 Fld 8-9 German lectures: Daniel seminar


Bx 7 Fld 10-12 Transparencies: Apocalyptic

Bx 7 Fld 13-16 Copies of transparencies: Apocalyptic


Bx 7 Fld 17 Comprehensive exams

Bx 7 Fld 18 Doctrine of Righteousness by Faith

Bx 7 Fld 19 Biblical Theology/Eschatology

Bx 7 Fld 20 Doctrine of Salvation

Bx 7 Fld 21 Modern Christian Theology

Bx 7 Fld 22 Protestant Theological Heritage

Bx 7 Fld 23 The Prophetic Discourse of Matthew 24

Faculty Service Approval Forms/Annual Report

Bx 7 Fld 24

V. Topical Files


Bx 8 Fld 1 Adventism and Alcohol

Bx 8 Fld 2 Adventist Identity

Bx 8 Fld 3 Adventism and Health

Bx 8 Fld 4 Adventist and Catholics

Bx 8 Fld 5-7 Adventism and Prophecy

Bx 8 Fld 8 Arminianism and Adventism

Bx 8 Fld 9 Authority in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Bx 8 Fld 10 Calvin and Seventh-day Adventists

Bx 8 Fld 11 Charismatism in Adventism

Bx 8 Fld 12 Christian Wannenmacher, Athens or Jerusalem Revisited: Adventism and the Love of Wisdom

Bx 8 Fld 13 Continuity and Change in Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine and Practice

Bx 8 Fld 14 Delbert H. Hodder, Ellen G. White: “Visions” vs. Partial-complex Seizures

Bx 8 Fld 15-16 Doctrinal issues in Adventism

Bx 8 Fld 17 Donald R. McAdams, Ellen G. White and the Protestant Historians

Bx 8 Fld 18 Ellen White and Health Reform

Bx 8 Fld 19-20 Ellen White’s Literary Work

Bx 8 Fld 21 Ellen G. White and the Shut Door Question

Bx 8 Fld 22 Ellen White’s Prophetic Role in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Bx 8 Fld 23 Graeme S. Bradford, Fundamentalist and Evangelical Seventh-day Adventist in Conflict

Bx 8 Fld 24 George C. Worrell, The Relationship Between the Lesser Light and the Greater Light

Bx 8 Fld 25 Hans K. LaRondelle, E. G. White on the Close of Probation and the Final Generation Holiness

Bx 8 Fld 26 Imminence: Mainspring of Adventism

Bx 8 Fld 27 J. Mark Martin, Seventh-day Adventism and the Writings of Ellen G. White

Bx 8 Fld 28 Leif Kr. Tobiassen, Ellen G. White’s Statements Concerning Adventist Attitudes to Public, Civic Affairs

Bx 8 Fld 29 Little Journey Through Adventist Story

Bx 8 Fld 30 Lutherans and Adventists in Conversation

Bx 9 Fld 1 Mainstream Adventism

Bx 9 Fld 2 Progressive Adventism

Bx 9 Fld 3 Protestant Theological Heritage in Seventh-day Adventism

Seventh-day Adventist and Ecumenism

Bx 9 Fld 5 The E. G. White Appeal in 1901 for the Reorganization of the General Conference

Bx 9 Fld 6 The Gospel Understanding of Berkouwer and Adventism

Bx 9 Fld 7 The Interpretation of Cosmic Signs in the Seventh-day Adventist Tradition

Bx 9 Fld 8 The Prescott Letter to W. C. White

Bx 9 Fld 9 The Seventh-day Adventist View of the Relationship of Justification, Sanctification, and the Final Judgment

Bx 9 Fld 10 The Shaking of Adventism

Bx 9 Fld 11 The Standing of Elder Uriah Smith

Bx 9 Fld 12 The Theological issue at Minneapolis (1888)


Bx 9 Fld 13 – 17 Anti-christ

Bx 9 Fld 18 – 27 Armageddon

Bx 10 Fld 1 – 6 Armageddon

Bx 10 Fld 7 Apocalyptic vs Classical prophecy

Bx 10 Fld 8 Cosmic Signs

Bx 10 Fld 9 – 19 Daniel

Bx 11 Fld 1 – 5 Daniel

Bx 11 Fld 6 Daniel and the book of Hebrews

Bx 11 Fld 7 – 17 Daniel and Revelations

Bx 12 Fld 1 – 19 Daniel and Revelation

Bx 13 Fld 1 – 5 Daniel and Revelation

Bx 13 Fld 6 – 10 Hermeneutics of Apocalyptic Literature

Bx 13 Fld 11 How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies (part 1, 2 copies)

Bx 13 Fld 12 – 13 How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies (part 2)

Bx 13 Fld 14 Middle Ages Apocalyptic

Bx 13 Fld 15 Millennium

Bx 13 Fld 16 – 19 New Testament Apocalyptic

Bx 14 Fld 1 – 14 New Testament Apocalyptic

Bx 15 Fld 1 – 3 New Testament Apocalyptic

Bx 15 Fld 4 – 8 Old Testament Apocalyptic

Bx 15 Fld 9 – 17 Revelation

Bx 16 Fld 1 – 16 Revelation

Bx 17 Fld 1 – 9 Revelation

Bx 17 Fld 10 The Apocalyptic Legacy of William Miller

Bx 17 Fld 11 The Apocalyptic Hope of the First-Century Jews

Bx 17 Fld 12 – 14 The Seven Last Plagues of Revelation

Bx 17 Fld 15 – 18 The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

Bx 17 Fld 19 – 21 The 1260 Days of Revelation

Bx 18 Fld 1 – 2 The 144,000 of Revelation

Other topics

Bx 18 Fld 3 Astronomy

Bx 18 Fld 4 – 21 Atonement

Bx 19 Fld 1 – 3 Atonement

Bx 19 Fld 4 Archeology

Bx 19 Fld 5 Apologetics

Bx 19 Fld 6 – 7 Babylon

Bx 19 Fld 8 -13 Bible Truth

Bx 19 Fld 14 Christian education

Bx 19 Fld 15 Criminology


Bx 19 Fld 16 -17 Adventism

Bx 19 Fld 18 – 19 Anabaptists

Bx 19 Fld 20 Arminianism

Bx 19 Fld 21 Catharists

Bx 19 Fld 22 – 23 Catholicism

Bx 19 Fld 24 Charismatism

Bx 20 Fld 1 Church Fathers

Bx 20 Fld 2 Church and State

Bx 20 Fld 3 Ecumenism

Bx 20 Fld 4 God’s Church in the Last Days

Bx 20 Fld 5 – 6 Jehovah’s Witness

Bx 20 Fld 7 Methodism

Bx 20 Fld 8 Nature of the Church

Bx 20 Fld 9 Pentecostalism

Bx 20 Fld 10 – 11 Persecution

Bx 20 Fld 12 – 13 Reformation

Bx 20 Fld 14 – 15 Religious Liberty

Bx 20 Fld 16 The Church and Israel

Bx 20 Fld 17 The Waldensians


Bx 20 Fld 18 Christians Evangelism

Bx 20 Fld 19 Jewish Evangelism

Bx 20 Fld 20 Muslim Evangelism


Bx 21 Fld 1-18

Bx 22 Fld 1-18

Bx 23 Fld 1 – 3


Bx 23 Fld 4 – 15


Bx 23 Fld 16

Jewish related literature

Bx 23 Fld 17 – 19

Bx 24 Fld 1 – 15


Bx 24 Fld 16 – 17


Bx 25 Fld 1


Bx 25 Fld 2


Bx 25 Fld 3 – 17

Religious / Theological Studies

Bx 25 Fld 18 Albrecht Ritschl

Bx 25 Fld 19 Anthropology

Bx 26 Fld 1 Apostasy

Bx 26 Fld 2-3 Assurance

Bx 26 Fld 4-5 Calvinism

Bx 26 Fld 6-12 Christology

Bx 26 Fld 13 Chronology

Bx 26 Fld 14-16 Contemporary Theology

Bx 26 Fld 17-19 Covenant

Bx 27 Fld 1-13 Covenant

Bx 27 Fld 14-17 Creationism

Bx 28 Fld 1-3 Creed

Bx 28 Fld 4-5 Cultism

Bx 28 Fld 6 Day of Yahweh

Bx 28 Fld 7 Death

Bx 28 Fld 8 Difficult Bible texts

Bx 28 Fld 9-10 Dispensationalism

Bx 28 Fld 11-15 Doctrine of God

Bx 28 Fld 16-18 Elijah message

Bx 29 Fld 1-2 Ethics

Bx 29 Fld 3 European Bible Conference (theological papers)

Bx 29 Fld 4 Evangelical theological society

Bx 29 Fld 5 Evil

Bx 29 Fld 6 Evolution

Bx 29 Fld 7-8 Faith

Bx 29 Fld 9 Festivities in scriptures

Bx 29 Fld 10 Fundamentalism

Bx 29 Fld 11 Futurism/Dispensationalism

Bx 29 Fld 12 Glossolalia

Bx 29 Fld 13-14 Gnosticism

Bx 29 Fld 15 Geology (Ellen White’s statements)

Bx 29 Fld 16-20 Hamartology

Bx 29 Fld 21 Herbert Armstrong

Bx 29 Fld 22 Heresiology

Bx 30 Fld 1 – 2 Historicism

Bx 30 Fld 3 Holiness

Bx 30 Fld 4 Holy Spirit

Bx 30 Fld 5 Hope

Bx 30 Fld 6 Human Will

Bx 30 Fld 7 Imminency

Bx 30 Fld 8 Inspiration

Bx 30 Fld 9 – 13 Israel

Bx 30 Fld 14 – 20 Israel in Prophecy

Bx 30 Fld 21 Israel Today

Bx 30 Fld 22 Jerusalem and Babylon

Bx 31 Fld 1 Jerusalem and Babylon

Bx 31 Fld 2 Jesus and the Quamran

Bx 31 Fld 3 – 8 Judgment

Bx 31 Fld 9 Judgment and Justification

Bx 31 Fld 10 Judgment and Salvation

Bx 31 Fld 11 – 16 Justification

Bx 32 Fld 1 Justification

Bx 32 Fld 2 Justification and Righteousness

Bx 32 Fld 3 – 5 Justification and Sanctification

Bx 32 Fld 6 Kingdom of God

Bx 32 Fld 7 Law of God

Bx 32 Fld 8 Law and Gospel

Bx 32 Fld 9 Law and Grace

Bx 32 Fld 10 Liturgy

Bx 32 Fld 11 Logotherapy

Bx 32 Fld 12 Love

Bx 32 Fld 13 – 16 Luther

Bx 32 Fld 17 – 18 Marriage

Bx 32 Fld 19 Mariology

Bx 32 Fld 20 Messiah

Bx 32 Fld 21 Mesopotamian Religion

Bx 32 Fld 22 Miracles

Bx 32 Fld 23 Missions

Bx 32 Fld 24 New Testament, Gospel of Matthew

Bx 33 Fld 1 – 2 New Testament, Gospel of Matthew

Bx 33 Fld 3 – 4 New Testament, Gospel of Mark/Luke

Bx 33 Fld 5 – 8 New Testament, Gospel of John

Bx 33 Fld 9 – 17 New Testament, Pauline writings

Bx 33 Fld 18 – 19 New Testament, Epistle of John

Bx 33 Fld 20 Numerology

Bx 34 Fld 1 Old Testament in the New Testament

Bx 34 Fld 2 – 3 Old Testament Exegesis

Bx 34 Fld 4 Old Testament (Ezekiel 40 – 48)

Bx 34 Fld 5 – 6 Old Testament Prophecy

Bx 34 Fld 7 – 8 Ordination

Bx 34 Fld 9 – 10 Parousia

Bx 34 Fld 11 Pastoral Care

Bx 34 Fld 12 – 16 Perfection

Bx 34 Fld 17 – 18 Perfectionism

Bx 35 Fld 1 Pharisees

Bx 35 Fld 2 Philosophy and Religion

Bx 35 Fld 3 Philosophical theology

Bx 35 Fld 4 Pietism

Bx 35 Fld 5 Prayer

Bx 35 Fld 6 Pre-Advent Judgment

Bx 35 Fld 7 Prophecy

Bx 35 Fld 8 Prophecy (False)

Bx 35 Fld 9 Prophecy ( Frank Fowler Research)

Bx 35 Fld 10 Prophecy (Fulfilled and Unfilled)

Bx 35 Fld 11 Prophetic Interpretation

Bx 35 Fld 12 Prophecy (Isaiah)

Bx 35 Fld 13 Prophecy (Jesus: key to bible prophecy)

Bx 35 Fld 14 Prophecy (Messianic)

Bx 35 Fld 15 – 16 Predestination

Bx 35 Fld 17 – 19 Protestant Theological Heritage

Bx 35 Fld 20 Quamran discoveries

Bx 35 Fld 21 – 22 Reformation

Bx 35 Fld 23 Religion and Psychology

Bx 35 Fld 24 Religious Studies (ASRS papers)

Bx 35 Fld 25 Remnant Theology (Adventist perspective)

Bx 36 Fld 1 – 9 Remnant Theology (Adventist perspective)

Bx 36 Fld 10 – 11 Resurrection

Bx 36 Fld 12 – 13 Revelation/Inspiration

Bx 36 Fld 14 Rewards and Blessings

Bx 36 Fld 15 – 20 Righteousness by Faith

Bx 37 Fld 1 – 17 Sabbath

Bx 38 Fld 1 – 2 Sacramentology

Bx 38 Fld 3 – 15 Salvation

Bx 38 Fld 16 – 17 Sanctification

Bx 39 Fld 1 – 7 Sanctuary

Bx 39 Fld 8 Secularism and Adventist Theology

Bx 39 Fld 9 Semi – Pelagianism

Bx 39 Fld 10 – 13 Sola-Scriptura

Bx 39 Fld 14 Soteriology

Bx 39 Fld 15 Southern American Bible Institute (Religious studies)

Bx 39 Fld 16 – 18 Testimony

Bx 39 Fld 19 Testimony

Bx 39 Fld 20 Theology of Menno-Simons

Bx 39 Fld 21 Tithe

Bx 39 Fld 22 Torah

Bx 39 Fld 23 Trinity

Bx 39 Fld 24 Triumphalism

Bx 39 Fld 25 Truth

Bx 40 Fld 1 – 7 Typology

Bx 40 Fld 8 Van Ruler’s Theology

Bx 40 Fld 9 Van Wyck’s Theology

Bx 40 Fld 10 Wine

Bx 40 Fld 11 Wisdom

Bx 40 Fld 12 Worship

Bx 40 Fld 13 – 14 Zion

VI. Audio-Visual

By Hans K. LaRondelle as the speaker

Audio tapes [each box contains audio tapes that pertain to the topics listed below, and are arranged in alphabetical order by title and content of each

Bx 41 Biblical Meaning of Salvation

#1 – #8

Bx 42 Christian Perfection, Significance of the Cross, and Other Themes

Christian Perfection

God’s Perfection

God’s Perfection and Ours


Perfection of God

Cruciality of Cross

The Cruciality of Cross

The Significance of the Cross

Hidden Presence of God

How to Walk with God

In Step with the Spirit

The God of Renewals

Invitation to Joy Now

Rejoice the Lord is King

Through Suffering to the Throne

The Triumph of God’s Kingdom

Bx 43 Christ Theme

A Touch of the Messiah

Ambassadors for Christ

Christ’s Answer to Pharisaic Judaism

Christ in Psalms

Christ our Hope

Christ our Lord and Savior

Christ our Salvation #1 – #3

Freedom in Christ

Growing in Christ

Jesus’ Self-Revelation

The Christian Hope

The Humble Messiah

Bx 44 Christ Theme (continued), and Various Tapes

A Touch of the Messiah

Christ Our Lord and Savior

Jesus and the Spirit

Jesus Self Revelation

The Cross of Jesus

The Humble Messiah

The Messiah

Aid Part 2

Forum – By Hans K. LaRondelle

Bx 45 Gospel, 7 Beatitudes, God Theme, and Glorification

Adventist Judged by the Gospel

Doxology in John’s Gospel

Gospel of Reconciliation

How Luther Discovered the Gospel

John 9

Prologue of John’s Gospel

The Purpose of Jon’s Gospel

The Seven Beatitudes

The Seven Beatitudes of the Apocalypse

The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation

Trusting in the Promises of God


Bx 46 Justification and Sanctification


Justification by Faith

Justification & Sanctification #1 – #8


Bx 47 Prophecy

3 Angel’s Message



Biblical Eschatology

Book of Revelation

Church in Prophecy

Daniel Chapter 2 – 12

Fall of Babylon

Great Final Events of the 144,000

How John Wrote his Marvelous Apocalypse

Interpreting Bible Prophecy

Israel in End time Prophecies

Bx 48 Prophecy #2

Israel of God’s Prophecy

Israel of Prophecy #1 – #4

Keys to Unlock Revelation

Keys to Revelation

Last Generation of Holiness: The 144,000

Marantha: 3 Angel’s Message

Principles of Interpretation

Prophetic Interpretation

Restoration of the God of Israel

Special Spotlight on God’s End time Message

The 144,000 in Revelation

The Beauty and the Beast

The Church in the Light of Prophecy

The Composition of the Apocalypse

The Double Fall of Babylon

The Fall of Babylon in Type & Antitype

“The Final Generation of Holiness”

The Good News about Armageddon

The Moral Purpose of Prophecy

The Religious Purpose of Prophecy

The Remnant in Prophecy

Bx 49 Prophecy #3 and Sin and Salvation

The Remnant in Prophecy

The Remnant People of the Old Testament

The Remnant People of the New Testament

Sin & Salvation #1- 5

Bx 50 Psalms

Psalms 2, 19, 22, 27, 32, 46, 65, 68, 73

Christ in Psalms

David’s Reason for Worshipping God

Divine Assurance for God’s People

Living in a Wicked World

Nature, Law, and a Personal Prayer


Psalms – Extension School

Bx 51 Psalms


Pathway into Psalms #1 – #7

Rejoice in God’s World

Rejoice with Trembling Religious Significance of Psalms

Songs of Praise & Thanksgiving

The Lord is my Shepherd

Bx 52 Psalms, Atonement, and Assurance

The Joy of Forgiveness

The Psalm

The Sound of Praise

The Secret of Assurance


Assurance of Salvation

Blessed Assurance in the Book of Revelation

Christ Assurance of Justification

From Doubt to Assurance

Paul’s Assurance of Salvation

The Foundation of Assurance

The Person of Christ: Our Assurance

The Work of Christ: Our Assurance

Bx 53 Restoration of Israel and The Sanctuary

Israel’s Territory Promise

Old & New Israel #1 – #9

Restoration of Israel

The Church as the New Israel

Restoration of Israel to God

The Church & Israel in Rom 9-11

The Restoration of the New Israel

What Purpose did God call Israel?

Sanctuary Truths

The Sanctuary

Bx 54 Righteousness by Faith

God’s Righteousness

Human Righteousness

Manifestation of God’s Righteousness


Righteousness of God

Righteousness by Faith #1 – #8

Bx 55 Salvation

Doctrine of Salvation #1 – #19

Chariots of Salvation

Our Future Salvation

The Biblical Message if Salvation #1 – #8

The Biblical Meaning of Salvation #1 – #7

The Joy of Salvation

Bx 56 The Three Elijahs

The Three Elijah’s

Bx 57 Theological Evangelical Society Meetings, Lectures, Teachings, and Camp Meetings

Questions and Answers #4

Class Lecture on Ezekiel

Forum on the Investigative Judgment

God’s Preachers

LaRondelle – S.A. Lectures 1 – 5

LaRondelle Interview – Mike Leno

Preaching in the 80s

Qualifications of a SDA Minister

The Amazing Composition of the Appeal

The Philosophy of Ministry

Week of Prayer

What Happens When we Make the Bible an Idol?

CM Workers Meeting 1981

Evangelical Theological Society 1984

North American Evangelistic Council 77

Redwood Area Camp meeting 80

Redwood Area Camp meeting 81

Bx 58 Various topics by LaRondelle

A Mighty Fortress

Bearers of the Blessing

Covenant Theology

Crown Him with Many…

Encounters with God in the Bible

God Secret Allies

On Trial – For What?

Our Faithful Creator

Passion Truth

Second Church

The Doubting Thomas of the O.T.

The Hebrew Meaning of Faith

The Gift of Peace

The Investigative Judgment

The Secret of Coping with Evil

The Sola Scriptura Principle

Voices in Conflict

When the Saints Go Marching

Wrestler with God

Cassette Tape

Bx 59 Save a Second – a monthly series of Tapes of the Month by Hans K. LaRondelle

CDs & Floppy discs

Bx 60 CDs: Sermons in both English and German, and sermon slide presentations in both German and English by LaRondelle.

Floppy Discs: Sermons (both English and German), photos, lecture notes, slides, and dissertations by LaRondelle.


Bx 61 Video recordings of sermons that LaRondelle preached

VII. Others

Bx 62 Plaques received by Hans K. LaRondelle

Bx 62 Bibliography of Hans K. LaRondelle’s library donated to the Andrews University Center for Adventist Research. For more information see the comments in the Scope and Content portion of the register introductory text. It should be noted that there were extensive runs of journals covering a number of years. Many articles were extensively marked, but they were not retained or specifically noted. There are two printed copies of the bibliography.

– One is a complete list alphabetical by title.

– The second list is sorted first by category, 0 to 4, related to the amount of marking, and then by title.

Bx 62 Art prints (4) by Lee Greer, presented to LaRondelle. Also includes a biographical sheet. Title:

Dry Season Elephants, Sierra Leone, West Africa;
Wandering Albatross, Antarctic Seas;
Clipper at Sunset;
When the Guns of War Are Silent.

Bx 62 2 personal Bibles clearly used by Hans K. LaRondelle. The collection
included more Bibles, but they did not appear to have been used to the
same extent as these. These others are listed in the bibliography of
LaRondelle’s library.
– Dutch language. Old and New Testaments. No title page. Appears
to have been rebound. Heavily marked throughout.
– English language. Revised Standard Version, 1946, 1952. Harper
and Brothers. Heavily marked throughout.

Items Removed

Library, as noted elsewhere in this register.

91 cassette recordings of other speakers were removed from this collection and set aside for the Center for Adventist Research audio collections, if needed.

Audio Tapes

Bx 61 Various tapes that belonged to LaRondelle; such as music cassettes, sermons in German, and other topics

Sabbath Rest

The Atheist Debate – Music

Celebration of the Sabbath in Songs – Music

Healing Love: The King’s Heralds – Music

Newbold 92 – Music

Botschafter Christi – In German

Christus Unser Herr und Heiland – In German

2 No Title sermons – In German

Understanding End Time Prophecy

Biblical meaning to salvation

Bx 67 Prophecy, and Various other topics

1844 Crumbs or Leaven?

Blasphemy in the Tabernacle

Blessing on those who Read

Celebration & Praise of Jesus

Cain’s Mark Marks the Beast

Celebration of Jesus Christ

Dan 9:24-27 Background Ancient near East

Doom Digit – 666

Hosea: The Knowledge of God

How to Beat the Friday Flurry

Is Your Name Written Where

Knowledge Increases to Destroy

Lesson 8: Sanctuary

Made in His Image

Malachi: Warning to Laodicea

Pillars of Faith


Revelation Seminar Q & A #1 – #4

Second Lesson

She Speaks with Wisdom

The Atonement

The Dragon in Sheep’s Clothing

The Elijah Message

The Image of the Beast

The Key that Unlocks Prophetic Truth

The Last World Power

The Law of Kindness

The Prophetical Taxidermist

The Sweet-Bitter Experience

The U.S. and World Power

The Word that Comes to Life

World Banking Power Bankrupt

Worship the Beast or Die

Why Jesus Died

You are Sarah’s Daughter

Zephaniah: God’s Remnant

Bx 68 Various Topics from American Cassette Ministries

A House is not a Home

A Solemn Warning

Christ in the Midst of the 7 Church

Dragons, Beasts, Plagues, and Trumpets

End Time Ethics

God, Do I Know You?

God’s People Tested God’s

God’s Plan for His Church

God’s Servant Sealed

Hear What the Spirit Says

Holy is the Lord

Hour of Judgment

How to Interpret Revelation

Inner Cleansing

John: Gospel for Today #1 – #5

Lessons for Tomorrow

Our Destiny

Our Part

Our Joy

Our Help

Our Worship

Setting a Date for the Second Coming

The 7 Sanctuary Scene s in Revelation

The 144,000

The Climax of the Central Vision of Revelation

The Church in a Hostile World

The Last 1,000

The Last Battle

The Last Deception

The Making or Breaking of Adventism

The Plan to Neutralize Adventism

The Remnant in the Book of Revelation

The Sabbath in the Final Crisis

When Jesus tried to come

Worthy is the Lamb

LaRondelle Library Bibliography

0= no marks;1=few marks; 2=moderate marks; 3=extensive marks; 4=considerable comments (more than a few words here & there)

<![if supportMisalignedColumns]><![endif]>

Author[last name, first name]TitlePublisher (Location)Copyright Date / Printing
144,000Audio tape
. . . Unto 2300 DaysProphetic Research
Association (Mesa, Arizona)
10,000 Illustrations from
the Bible
Baker Book House (Grand
Rapids, MI)
B. B., and John Graz
101 Questions Adventist AskPacific Press Publishing
Association (Nampa, Idaho)
John W.
1100 Ilustrations from the
Writings of D. L. Moody
Baker Book House (Grand
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Hans K.
144,000 in RevelationThree audio tapes
1844 Bijbels VerklaardUitgeverij Veritas Bosch En
Duin (Brussel)
D. B.
1844 Re-ExaminedI. H. I. (Fallbrook, CA)19791790-89890-002-61
Norden W.
1844, The Sanctuary, and
The Investigative Judgment
Six audio tapes
1844: Crumbs or
Audio tape
D. K. and Wieland, R. J.
1888 Re-examinedGems of Truth (Strafford,
2360Publication date not
Robert J and Donald K. Short
1888 Re-examinedGems of Truth (Strafford,
2361There is an very important
letter attached to the book.
G. White
1888 SermonsProphetic Research
International (Springfield, Missouri)
1914 and Christ’s Second
Coming: An Examination of Jehovah’s Witness Teaching On the Subject
Review and Herald
Publishing Association (Washington, DC.)
Robert J and Donald K. Short
1988 Re-examined: A Review
of What Happened a Hundred Years After 1888
The 1888 Message Study
Committee (Paris, OH)
Hans K
2nd Church2/18/1984Audio tape
40 Days: Prayers and
Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming
Review and Herald
Publishing Association (Hagerstown, MD.)
Stephen R.
7 Habits of Highly
Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Simon and Schuster (New
Hans K.
A Study of Covenant
Four audio tapes
Message Study Committee
A. T. Jones: The Man and
the Message
1888 Message Study
Committee (Uniontown, Ohio)
Abermals Krahte der Hahn:
Eine Kritische Kirchengeschichte
Arthur Grosvenor
Abiding Gift of ProphecyPacific Press Publishing
Association (Mountain View, California)
About FaceReview and Herald
Publishing Association (Washington, DC.)
1280No publication date
About Judaism; A Guide to
Beliefs and Practices
Temple Beth-el (South Bend,
150No publication date
Abraham LincolnAmerican R.D.M. Corporation
(New York)
Abraham Lincoln: His Words
and His World
Home Library Publishing
Company (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin)
Achtung! VorurteileHoffmann und Campe Verlag20032193-499-23928-01
Hans K.
ACM Singing with the
Seven audio tapes of a
Acts of the ApostlesThe Saint Andrew Press
Joseph A.
Acts of the Apostles: A New
Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Doubleday and Company, Inc.
(Garden City, New York)
Colin E.
Actuality of Atonement: A
Study of Metaphor, Rationality and the Christian Tradition
Eermans Publishing Company
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Adam, Eve, and the SerpentVintage Books (New York)19881890-679-72232-71
Adolf Schlatter: A
Biography of Germany’s Premier Biblical Theologian
Baker Book House (Grand
Rapids, MI)
Adult Sabbath School bible
study guide
1980 – 2011Missing several editions
Advanced Biosolutions2009/00One issue


The late Hans K. LaRondelle was one of the most respected theologians and professors in the history of Seventh-day Adventism. His family has entrusted to Logos the publication of his lifeworks, including a trove of unpublished class notes along with journal articles and nine books. This first collection of the Lifeworks of Hans K. LaRondelle contains four major books, in which he explores God’s plan for Earth’s redemption, the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, messages of hope regarding end times, what Christ has done for our salvation, and much more.

In the Logos editions, these volumes are enhanced by valuable functionality and features. Scripture links directly to English translations and original-language texts, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches with the Topic Guide to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources, enabling you to jump into the conversation with the foremost scholars on issues like prophecy and salvation. Tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

Key Features

  • Presents biblical interpretations of the last days
  • Considers the relationship between Old and New Testament eschatology
  • Examines Christ’s redemptive work

Product Details

  • Title: Lifeworks of Hans K. LaRondelle—Part 1
  • Author: Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: First Impressions
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 890
  • Christian Group: Seventh-day Adventist
  • Resource Type: Topical
  • Topic: Theology

Individual Titles

Christ Our Salvation: What God Does for Us and in Us

  • Author: Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: First Impressions
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 107

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

In Christ Our Salvation: What God Does for Us and in Us, Dr. LaRondelle reviews the essential truths of the Gospel. He does not avoid past problems that have divided the Christian church and instead he faces them with intellectual rigor and joy. LaRondelle asks, “How can these two concepts be harmonized: the fact that God in Christ has reconciled the world to Himself, and God’s command to man to be reconciled to God? Why after God’s act of reconciliation must there be an act of man?” The author answers these questions and then discusses subjects such as divine election, providence, the Gospel of reconciliation, justification, sanctification, glorification, and more.

Deliverance in the Psalms: Messages of Hope for Today

  • Author: Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: First Impressions
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 210

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

This book is intended for Jews, Christians, and others who desire to better understand the psalms of Israel and would like to know how to pray and praise God more fully. The book goes far beyond a simple understanding of Old Testament Israel and her worship. It peers into the future ministry of Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ and beyond to the eschatological fulfillment in the new heavens and earth.

How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies of the Bible: A Biblical-Contextual Approach

  • Author: Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: First Impressions
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 369

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The purpose of this book is to help the reader better understand God’s plan for the redemption of planet Earth. Holy Scripture unfolds the meaning of God’s plan until it reaches its full and complete unveiling in the last book of the Bible, the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1). The book of Revelation is the highlight and climax of all previous prophecies. This suggests it has a profound spiritual unity with the other books of the Bible and requires a basic knowledge of all Scripture before a deeper insight into the Apocalypse can be ascertained.

Light for the Last Days

  • Author: Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: First Impressions
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 204

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

In the midst of political, spiritual, and economic upheaval and uncertainties, many wonder what the future holds. They also wonder what the Bible says about the end times and the purpose of human history. The authors of the Bible recorded their visions about the future in a prophetic language that needs interpretation today. In this book, LaRondelle shows we must understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments and between Israel and the church. This encompasses a grasp of the larger picture of the prophetic portrayals in both testaments. It is also especially important to understand the decisive influence of Jesus Christ on the messianic prophecies—a task that continues to occupy theologians.

About Hans K. LaRondelle

Hans K. LaRondelle (1929–2011) was professor of theology at Andrews University (SDA) in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Born and educated in Holland, he attended Utrecht State University and then completed a ThD in systematic theology at the Reformed Free University in Amsterdam.